Pop Accessory is an  8 weeks Mentoring and Accessory Business Training program.

Training is conducted in person  in Washinton State and online for our out of state clients.

We assist our clients in launching their accessory business  under the Pop Accessory Licensing Agreement.


Our clients own their Pop Accessory Licensing Business 100%! You'll  use our proprietary business systems, processes and product resources. 

We offer continued consultations throughout the lifetime of our clients accessory business to help them thrive successfully. 

Our Accessory Business Program is great for a Fashion Stylist! If you are a Fashion Stylist - You may want to consider our  large collection of accessories and wearables for your clients! Elevate your business through our accessory program. Add  an additional stream of income when spending time with your clients.


What Pop Accessory Is Not! Pop Accessory Is Not A MLM Or A Franchise Business.


For More Information contact  Tricia James for a FREE. 1 hour conversation about your passion for fashion and how I can help you make it happen!

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Using my 35 years of experience and expertise in the accessory industry - I help Women like yourself, start their very own Accessory  Business that's completely "Done For You!" 


Clients who invest in our accessory business and mentoring program - Keep 100% of their profits from their sales! In full disclosure, the percentage of dollars used for setting up your accessory business is based on a 40/60 ratio. Giving our clients all that they possibly need to have a thriving fashion accessories business is our first priority!


We will use a percentage of your initial investment as stated above to purchase all necessary and essential merchandise and business related equipment to help you operate your business successfully.


Being a Licensee will allow you to access your dedicated business Mentor 24/7 and the use of Pop Accessory's proprietor business systems, products, processes, and resources.


After your initial investment, there is an industry standard Licensing fee. Pop Accessory has a very low monthly Licensing service fee of $97.00 as compared to other Licensing programs. This fee covers all business-related services we provide our clients on a monthly bases to help them grow their accessory business.


Please check with your business account for the possibility about offsetting your $97.00 monthly fee according to the US tax code. If you live outside the US, you should check with your current small business tax laws in the country you reside in.


Again - Our clients get to keep 100% of their profits! Pop Accessory does not take a commission for sales that you generate monthly.


If you have further questions - Attend my informational Q & A  conversation online meeting to find out more about myself and this business investment opportunity!


Your Future Awaits Your Attendance!


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Tricia James Melvin


Pop Accessory

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