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POPSM139 Utility Convertible Vest/Sahwl - Cinnamon

POPSM139 Utility Convertible Vest/Sahwl - Cinnamon


Our Utility Convertible Vest Is The Perfect Wearable Accessory For All Occasions. It is also a year round vest/shawl for all seasons and social circustances. You can easily wear it in the summer at the movies where air conditioning is at it's coldest indoors.

Wear it comfortably and with elegance to formal events. Our Travel Vest/Shawl is a go to for a quick trip to the super market or for a stroll in the park. In short it's simply the best utility coat you could have in your fashion wardrobe. I love it!

Sold Basic Color Shawl Vest Size : One size fits all 100% Plush Acrylic High Quality Textile  Shawl Vest Wash in Cold - Tumble Dry Low

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