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Pop Accessory Mentoring & Accessory Business Training Program

Pop Accessory is an  8 weeks Mentoring and Accessory Business Training program. Training is conducted in person if you live in Washington State  and online if you live outside of Washington State. After our 8 weeks mentoring and training program for individuals who invested in the program - Our clients than launch their accessory business as an individually own business using our proprietary business systems, processes and product resources offered to our clients. We offer continued consultations to help our clients thrive in their accessory business.


Our clients keep 100% of their profits. Pop Accessory is a proven accessory business - Our business platform is a transferable, portable, cash generating business, that our our clients can set-up shop anywhere in the world through our pop-up business model. Temporary shops that are set-up at consumer trade shows, women's conferences, and military base.



All orders will be processed online on our website - An invoice will be forwarded for the initial investment into Pop Accessory Mentoring and Accessory business program . An initial investment of $9500 includes initial opening inventory of assorted accessories and Pop Accessory's 8 weeks proprietary mentoring and training accessory business program is included. Our clients are required to accept Pop Accessory's policies, business model, systems and processes before entering into our Mentoring and Accessory Business program.  

By visiting our website and familiarizing themselves with the kind of products our partner manufacturers offer and the service we provide in terms of our Mentoring and Business program to set-up an individually owned accessory business for our clients, visitors to our website signify acceptance of Pop Accessory policies stated on our website. It is confirmation that user accept our policy and user shall not dispute any of our policy under any conditions. Our "Please read our policies and terms and conditions on our invoices"- Is encouraged on all of our invoices and will also appear on our payment by credit card sales page before our clients processing their order. 


Shortages of product can occur from time to time from our partner manufacturer, supplier, and distributors. If this should occur please contact the individual manufacturer for the product to discuss refunds or credits with them.Pop Accessory shall not be held responsible for any loss of sales due to shortages occurring from our partner suppliers and manufacturers.

Store Credits for merchandise returns is handled by the individual partner suppliers/manufacturers that Pop Accessory does business with.

Store credit can not be transferred or cashed out. All policies, terms, and conditions from our manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, must be followed by our clients in order to have a business relationship with these product resources.


Pop Accessory accept Visa, Master, Discover, American Express. We use Square.com to process all credit card payment. We will hold your payments for a period of 3 days after you enroll into Pop Accessory's Mentoring and Accessory Business program. After  3 days we reserve the right to use the funds from your investment -  To begin the process of curating your initial collection of merchandise that you have agreed to sell in your accessory shop. Initial investment into Pop Accessory Mentoring and Business program is $9500 US dollars due on the day of signing Pop Accessory's Licensed Agreement & Contracts.

Exchange Rates

If you are choosing to pay with an external payment provider, Paypal, or through a Bank Credit Card,
Prices shown on your external payment provider's bill might differ from prices shown in our site due to different exchange rates.
All prices are in USD only on our site. 

Use of products

All products or services sold by Pop Accessory are for the sole purpose of marketing accessories either physically or digitally by our clients - Who individually owns their accessory business using Pop Accessory proprietary systems, process, and business resources. 


Any damages to be reported within 48 hours of received time should be made to the manufacturers, distributors, involved with that order.
Members are best to use email and message box on the manufacturers website to report those claims. Any return request items must be in original packaging as it left from the manufacturers facility.Returns request may require image of the item submitted. Please take a picture of the damage items to help with expediting your claim for damage products.

Any merchandise returns MUST be directly dealt with the manufacturer of the product - Following all return policies set forth by the supplier is necessary to avoid a delay in refunds and credits from our partner manufacturers.



No refunds after 3 days of initial investment of $9500 for Pop Accessory Mentoring and Accessory Business Program.


Prices for Pop Accessory  - Mentoring and Business Program are subject to change without notice. 

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